About us

We are an agricultural cooperative; a small community of about 120 members that aims to respect, preserve biodiversity and the environment and traditions of our land. Most of our olive groves are located within the Maiella National Park, in a privileged setting of unspoilt nature that gives us olives of superior quality both in sensory and nutritional terms. We have always considered ourselves the guardians of this beautiful land and of theintosso, the indigenous cultivar that is the symbol of our area.

Our Story

Olivicola Casolana was founded in 1971 by a group of olive growers from Casoli and Palombaro. They had two main objectives: to join forces in order to valorise and protect the local table olives and to make our olive-growing excellence known and brought to Italy and the world. In 1986, the production of extra virgin olive oil also began. We have been on the shelves of the large-scale retail trade since 1988. Today, we export our products to England, Denmark, Germany, Canada and the USA.

Superior Quality Olive Oil

Today, as in the past, L'Olivicola Casolana combines the jealous preservation of the secrets of the art of oil-making with the most advanced production systems. Cold extraction within 24 hours of harvesting, in our modern pressing plant, helps to respect the properties of the raw material, returning an oil with intact properties and high nutraceutical value. In processing, the olives are subjected exclusively to mechanical processes.

L'Olivicola Casolana's extra virgin olive oil is obtained by pressing fresh, excellent quality olives that have undergone no other treatment other than washing, separation from the leaves, crushing and kneading, centrifugation and filtration. This processing method allows us to obtain extra virgin olive oils of great chemical and organoleptic quality. The oils obtained are then filtered, analysed and stored in underground stainless steel tanks to ensure cool and constant temperature and saturated with inert gas to preserve the qualities of our product.

Confirmation of the quality of our raw materials and operating methods are the numerous awards our products have received over the years. We are listed in the Extravergini Slow Food; in the guide Monovarietali Assam; in the guide Oli d’Italia Gambero Rosso; finalist Ercole Olivario; winners of Ercole Olivario – Olive da tavola 2021-2022; Great Mention Sol d’Oro.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Another strong point is the circularity of the production cycle: for each processing phase there is no waste, but by-products that find a new life in other production circuits, guaranteeing sustainability for the ecosystem: the olive kernel is used as natural fuel, the vegetation water is used for fertirrigation of our members' land.

White-label Production

We carry out work on behalf of major wine companies - including Fantini Vini, Velenosi Vini, Cantine Mucci and for large retail chains such as the Gruppo Gabrielli and Carrefour.